How much does shipping costs ?

While visiting your cart, you'll be able to view an estimated shipping cost for the chosen items before heading to the checkout to place an order. From there, once you've provided the delivery address and chosen a shipping method the final costs will be calculated and shown on screen.

From where the goods are delivered ?

All our products are produced in our lab located in North of Italy,Carate Brianza (MB)

How long does it takes for the goods to arrive ?

Depending where you are located it takes 4-10 days,excluding eventual custom control.Please note that custom cost are on your side so we kind ask you to check if you have to pay any,only if you are outside the EU.Remember that overseas customers are not paying VAT,and just as an example USA have a limit of 200 $,after which you have to pay custom,while Canada is more restrictive
You can check a custom estimator cost here
Custom cost calculator

And if I don't get the goods?

If you don't get the goods in more than 20 days contact us and we will sort it out.In some countries shipping has some delys that do not belong to us.Please provide us your order number.

What about the packaging ?

We pack the goods in the best way we can,we know there might be a long way to your home,and we want they arrive in perfect order to you.